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Great Big Sea

This group from Newfoundland and Labrador first performed together in 1993.

They sing Old Brown’s Daughter a cappella.

The River Driver was sung a cappella as well.  Here they are performing it in 2006 at the Canadian Country Music Awards.

The Mermaid



The Moonwalk was first performed by Michael Jackson in 1983 performing Billie Jean and it became his signature move.

Bill Bailey was filmed doing a similar move in 1955.

The video Origins of the Moonwalk show a number of dancers using steps that are similar.

Martina McBride

Martina McBride has a powerful voice and great range.

Anyway is one of my favorite of her songs, well sung and great message.

Independence Day deals with wife abuse.

This One’s for the Girls gives a positive message to females of all ages.


Train was formed in 1994 in San Francisco.

They released Drops of Jupiter in 2003.

Calling All Angels was released in 2003.

Hey Soul Sister was released in 2009.


Willie Nelson wrote Crazy in 1961.

Patsy Cline made it her own in 1962.

Leanne Rimes released her version in 1999.

Diana Krall sang the song with Willie Nelson and Elvis Costello.

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel plays everything from blues, rock, folk, country and pop.

Here is 12 Bar Blues in the Key of E.

Angelina is a more classical style.

He plays Classical Gas with his own unique style.

Fathers Forever

All three of these videos were made of children singing their deceased fathers’ songs with clips of their fathers singing.

In 1989 Hank Williams Jr made a video of There’s a Tear in my Beer with clips of his dad.

In 1992 Natalie Cole sang Unforgettable with her dad.

In 2007 Lisa Marie Presley sang In the Ghetto with clips of her dad.

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