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A Break in the Action

Almost six months has gone by and I have enjoyed listened and linking to all varieties of music.  Some new to me , some near and dear to me, some made me smile, some made me think. 

I am taking a break from the blog until the garden work is done.  I am finding it too difficult to find the time to work on two blogs.  I may not write a lot about the music I post in this blog but I do a fair bit of searching and research.  I will be back later in the year to continue my year of musical posts. 

I’ll leave you for now with a neat video called “Validation”.  Let’s all go out and validate!

Until I see you again, care take, enjoy the weather, sing along to your favorite songs and keep smiling.  🙂


Walk Of Life

Dire Straits released Walk Of Life in 1985.

Shooter Jennings did a cover of the song in 2007.

Billie Piper recorded her song Walk Of Life in 2000 before she ended her singing career for acting.  The song hit #25 in Britain.

King Of The Road

Roger Miller recorded the song in 1964.

The Proclaimers released their cover of the song in 1990.

Randy Travis released his version in 1997.  Here he is singing it with Josh Turner.

Gnarls Barkley

Gnarls Barkley is an American duo that have only been together since 2006.  Here are a couple of their songs.

The video for Crazy is very neat.

Going On is from their latest album Odd Couple.

Voca People

This Israeli a cappella group first appeared in 2009.  Here are a few of their performances.

History of Music.

Movie themes.

The Voca People in a cute skit.


Latchès is a group of four French musicians who play in the gypsy/jazz/swing style of Django Reinhardt.  Here are a few of their songs.

Peche A La Mouche.

Reinhardt’s own Minor Swing.



Girl On The Billboard

Del Reeves released the song in 1965.

The Road Hammers released their cover of the song in 2006.

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