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Archive for November, 2012

Akim Camara

Akim playing Ferdinand Kuchler’s Concerto G Major op.11 at age 3 with Andre Rieu in 2005.

Playing Ave Maria with Richard Clayderman in 2009.

Playing Charles Auguste de Beriot’s Concert No. 9 more recently.


Bruce Willis

Bruce sings Under the Boardwalk with The Temptations in 1987.

Singing Devil Woman

Sinner’s Prayer with BB King and Billy Preston


Your Man

Josh Turner

Willie Jones

Come Together

The Beatles sing.

Sungha Jung plays Come Together on guitar.

Music Mashup by Faroff

Aerosmith’s version

Roger Miller and Friends

Roger singing with Dean Martin.

Roger and Johnny Cash.

Roger and Johnny again.

Cat Stevens


Peace Train

Another Saturday Night




Quebe Sisters

A fiddle medley

Roly Poly

Rose of San Antone



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