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Jim Hanlon

Jim Hanlon Trio playing From the Heart

Wooden Ships and Iron Men

Annie’s Promise



Cat Stevens


Peace Train

Another Saturday Night




Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day by Bryan Adams

Remembrance Day by Jim Hanlon

Julie Fowlis

Hùg Air A’ Bhonaid Mhòir

Strathspey and Reels

Julie Fowlis with Jenna Reid & Donal Lunny – Biodh An Deoch Seo ‘N Làimh Mo Rùin

More Pharis and Jason

I just love Pharis and Jason’s harmonies and had to add more songs.

Engine 143

I’m Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail

Here is an instrumental called Cumberland Gap.

The Haints Old Time Stringband

The Haints consist of Erynn Marshall and Jason and Pharis Romero.

Milwaukee Blues

There Goes The Old Fox Now

This song is called Bob McKinney.

When The Good Lord Sets You Free

Claude McKenzie

Claude was one half of the group Kashtin.



Ekuen Pua



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