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7 x 7 Link Award

I was given the 7×7 Link Award from Rosie from  rosierushtonstone.   Thanks Rosie!

The rules for the award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who gave it to you.

Hey Rosie, thanks a bunch for recognizing my blog!  Happy listening! 

2. Tell something about yourself that no one else knows.   

I cuddle with Lulu, my house chicken almost every evening on the couch.    I lay down under a blanket and place her towel on top (so we don’t have an accident)  and she snuggles up under my chin or puts her head on my shoulder and naps while I read.  For those of you who don’t know Lulu – check out my other blog as I have many pics and stories about her. 

3. Link to seven of your entries in the following categories: 

This was a little tricky since it is a music blog but I did my best.

Most Beautiful PieceHallelujah    This is a great song written by a Canadian, Leonard Cohen and sung here by another Canadian KD Lang.   Amazing!   There are other beautiful songs and videos but today this is my number one.

Most HelpfulWe Are The World    These songs were made to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes and I think they were successful.

Most Popular Ok Go    More people view this post than any other.  These guys really have great imaginations and make great videos.

Most ControversialSongs That Make You Think    These songs tough on tough subjects like child abuse, bullying and cancer.  Talking or thinking about these topics make many people squirm and feel uncomfortable.  I believe these songs can open the door to discussions on these topics.

Most Surprisingly SuccessfulSinging in the Rain    I choose this because Kurt is so wonderful in the rain on his skates.  He plays the part so well.

Most UnderratedTurn the World Around   This is a great song and message.  Everyone has an important part to play in the world no matter who they are – we all make a difference.  People often underrate their importance and we have to rethink that.

Most Pride WorthyRemembrance Day     We need to remember and thank all our veterans and soldiers for helping make the world a better place to live.

4. Nominate seven other bloggers and notify them.

Although this is a music blog, I don’t read a lot of other music blogs.  I get my music links from You Tube and artists websites.  So most of the blogs I’m nominating are ones to do with my other loves – gardening, chickens and food – that I came across working on my other blog.

1.  BiscottiQueen from  From Seed. Growing a sustainable life, family and business .   I met her on the Back Yard Chickens  forum under the handle vfem.  Besides biscotti, she has some amazing jam recipes!  Gardening, chickens, preserves – we have much in common. 

2.  Lauren from Scratch and Peck .  I love her artwork and chickens stories.  She is a great storyteller and a fellow chicken lover.

3.  Jennifer from Our Little Farm  .  Another fellow chicken lover but she has more!  She hatches her own eggs,  has a sweet pot-belly pig plus recently adopted a brand new baby goat.  Lovely pics of all her critters.  I adore Ringo’s long ears!

4.  Caroline from The Wanna be Country Girl .  I also met her on the BYC forum and we started blogging around the same time.  She shares mouth-watering recipes as well as stories about her chickens,  family and more.

5.  Erin is a fellow Canadian from Urban Organic Gardening in Sidney  that I met on Blotanical .  She is a new but enthusiastic gardener who is learning as she goes and sharing her successes with us.

6.  According to their mission statement,  Superheroes of Kindness  is about a group of three and four year old who understand that they are not too small to make a difference in their community and their world.  These young ambassadors for kindness are teaching great lessons to everyone they meet.

7.   Andrea at Rural Revival  is another Canadian blogger who shares her life with us by sharing her beautiful photos.  Breathtaking!

Congrats to all my fellow bloggers for enhancing my days.  Thanks again to Rosie for the award.  And good reading and good listening to my readers.  🙂


A Year of Music

I enjoy music of all kinds.  I decided to challenge myself and post once a day for a year.  I will be posting songs, artists, musicians, dancers, videos, and more.  Each day will have one or more entries that are connected in some way.  I will post a bit of info but not much. 

With all the music genres available, I should be able to fulfill this challenge.  Since the love of music is a matter of choice, not everyone will enjoy each day’s entry.  Enjoy the one’s you like, ignore the ones you dislike but listen to some you are unfamiliar with and you may be surprised to find you have expanded your musical horizons.

Welcome to 2011 – My Year of Music.

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