A new song and/or video every day for a year.

Scotty McCreery

The Trouble With Girls

I Love You This Big

The Dance



Iron Horse

Iron Horse plays Guns and Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine bluegrass style.

They give Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven a touch of bluegrass as well.

Metallica’s Fade to Black covered by Iron Horse.

Tim Hawkins

Aging Rockers

Worship Music

Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife

Red Rocks

These videos were filmed at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado.

Jason Mraz sings 93 Million Miles.

Mumford and Sons sing I Will Wait.

John Butler plays Ocean.

Jim Hanlon

Jim Hanlon Trio playing From the Heart

Wooden Ships and Iron Men

Annie’s Promise


John Denver Christmas

Christmas for Cowboys

John and the Muppets sing Peace Carol

Christmas Like A Lullaby


Blue Christmas

Elvis Presley

Martina joins Elvis

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