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Akim Camara

Akim playing Ferdinand Kuchler’s Concerto G Major op.11 at age 3 with Andre Rieu in 2005.

Playing Ave Maria with Richard Clayderman in 2009.

Playing Charles Auguste de Beriot’s Concert No. 9 more recently.


The Dubliners part 2

Tap your toes and click your heels.

The Octopus Reel – whose hands are where?

Belfast hornpipe and  The Swallow’s Tail

Ciaran Bourke Donegal Reel and Longford Collector

John Sheahan from the Dubliners plays The Irish Washerwoman with Andre Rieu and his orchestra.


Ravel’s Bolero

Bolero was composed by Maurice Ravel to be used in a ballet.

First we have it played by Andre Rieu’s Orchestra.


Torvil and Dean skated a perfect gold medal performance during the 1984 Olympics to Bolero.


Carlos Nunez played it on the bagpipes.


Angélique Kidjo created a vocal version in which most of the orchestral parts are sung.



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