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I love the tango.  It is crisp, sharp and very sexy.  Here are a few tangos to enjoy.

Al Pacino did a marvelous tango in the 1992 movie Scent Of A Woman.

Patricio Touceda and Carla Chimento dance a Tango Argentina.

Inga Savitskaya performs her tango with a unique partner.

In 2006, the movie Take The Lead had Antonio Banderas performing the tango.


One Love

Bob Marley released the song in 1977.  This video was released in 1984 posthumously.

Playing for Change released the song in 2010.

 Antonio Banderas also sang the song in 2010 in Shrek Forever After.

Phantom of the Opera

Sarah Brightman and Antonio Banderas sing this version.

This is the original version with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman.

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