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Travelling in Africa

Ken’s Song from Zambia played on a homemade guitar.

Masai children singing and dancing in Kenya.

hakuna mungu kama wewe

10-year-old from South Africa




Paul Simon

Paul Simon singing Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes in South Africa in 1987 with Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Joseph Shabalala.

He performed Call Me Al with Ray Phiri in South Africa.

Paul performing Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard in 1992.

Paul performed Loves Me Like A Rock on the Muppet Show.

Mahlathini & Mahotella Queens

Mahlathini was also known as “The Lion of Soweto”  for his gravely low voice.   The Mahotella Queens are the female back-up vocalists who had recorded songs on their own.

Here together they perform Thokozile.

Here they are performing Mbaqanga, one of their hits.

Here they are singing Stop Crying.


The song was originally by Toto and released in 1982.

Andy McKee did his own arrangement of it on guitar.

The Kearsney College Choir from South Africa perform the song with thunderstorm effects.

The Slovenian group Perpetual Jazzle took the idea of the storm and improved it.

Spoon Slide

Hannes Coetzee, a South African, composes his own songs and plays slide with a teaspoon in his mouth.

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